About me

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m honored that you are here.

Since this website is about turning vision into ventures, I’ll start with telling you about some of mine.

I have a passion for starting things. In fact, you might think of me as a business creative. I have less interest in extending the status quo than finding new ways to do things.

That’s brought me into a lot of opportunity to work with some amazing people and companies, primarily through my venture management consulting firm, Lumina Consulting Group, that I founded in 1995, but also through my non-profit, BoldPath Life Strategies, that I launched just over a decade ago.

Over the course of my career I’ve led divisions in Fortune 1000 companies, launched and led consulting firms and software companies, and founded or led several non-profits and served on several corporate and non-profit boards. I’ve spoken to thousands of people, written hundreds of articles, created nearly a hundred podcasts, and coached or counseled countless leaders and emerging leaders. In each of these endeavors my primary interest has been to unearth a person’s (or firm’s) core value and finding creative ways to grow it.

My most recent endeavor is StrategicCEO, a website and associated services dedicated to increasing the strategic capacity of leaders.

Over the past decade, I’ve come to discover that a lot of the principles I’ve applied in the business world to clarify mission, values and strategy also works with individuals. That’s the point behind BoldPath Life Strategies, where I deliver a number of workshops to help Christian men and women develop a more intentional approach to unleashing their personal mission.

But the greatest honor I have is as a husband to my wife of 35 years, Anna, and a father to my four adult children, Stephanie, Ryan, Joshua, and Jonathan. They are a constant encouragement and delight.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the strange spelling of my name, read my post about it. Then take a moment, comment on a post that interests you or drop me a note and tell me about you. I look forward to meeting you.