Inspiring the venturer in all of us.

If you’re looking for an inspirational or motivational message for your corporate or ministry event, I’d love the opportunity to discuss how my approach might be a fit for your audience. Over the last 30 years, I’ve given well over 750 presentations to audiences of all types and sizes.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I began public speaking in high school, after what I’m sure was a teacher’s lounge bet. Mr. Dionisio, a teacher from whom I had not taken a class, took me aside and challenged me to join his debate team. Stunned at his suggestion, I informed him that I was getting a “D” in Mrs. What’s-her-name’s speech class. His response gave me a clue that he had just taken a bet with her to turn around a lost cause. “We can fix that,” he assured me. And he did.


Mr. Dionisio invested many hours in me as a young man: encouraging, coaching, stretching, and kicking my metaphorical rear. He was my personal Mr. Holland (and looked just like Richard Dreyfuss, too). I am forever grateful for the impact he made on me. His words of encouragement and instruction pressed deeply upon my heart.

Now, I stand before audiences today with one desire: to press deeply into their hearts to create lasting change. In every message, I strive to speak authentically out of my own experiences as a corporate leader, management consultant, founder of six businesses and non-profits, wrestling with my own challenges to faithfully and boldly unleash my own mission.

I believe every person and every organization has an extraordinary mission that invites personal and corporate leadership to emerge. My desire as a venture coach is to inspire you to create and act on your powerful and extraordinary bold ideas.

Some of the presentations I can give are listed in the sidebar to the right. Corporate presentations are delivered through my venture management consulting firm, Lumina Consulting Group. Ministry and men’s presentations are delivered through BoldPath Life Strategies, the non-profit organization I founded in 2002. Many of these presentations are available in 30-minute, one-hour, three-hour and full-day experiences. The men’s presentations are also perfect for retreat settings.

Naturally, these are just a sampling of the presentations I can deliver. If you have a specific need, I’d be delighted to speak with you personally about how I might craft a presentation to ignite the extraordinary and powerful mission within your group or organization.