What is God trying to teach me?


When adversity strikes, do you find yourself wondering why? Yeah, me too.   

It’s natural to want to be free of our problems. We seek immediate answers in hopes of returning life to normal. If you’re like me, you might ask yourself, “What’s God trying to teach me in this?”

But is that what we’re really asking?  Maybe what we’re really saying is, “If I can just figure out what God is trying to teach me, then I can learn it, and this problem will go away.”

Our first priority is escape, and so we secretly think: If I need to learn something to make that happen, then let me know what it is. Just get me out of here.

What is God teaching me?

There’s two flawed assumptions when we think this way, however. The first is that everything that has happened to us is about usIn reality, everything is about God, not us, and…

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