How to gain support for your Great Idea


So you’ve introduced a new idea to your organization and it’s stalling. Or people are grumbling about it. Or they just don’t “get” it. 

Maybe you’ve simply forgotten one of the key principles of introducing an idea: you have to bring people along with you. 

As the creator of the Great Idea, you’ve likely been thinking about it for months, perhaps years. You know why it’s important. You’ve mulled it over and over again, and the more you consider it, the more certain you are about it.

That makes the lackluster response your getting all the more frustrating. Why can’t they get on board already?

Maybe the problem is not with the idea. It may be with you.

Think of introducing an idea to your organization like leading an armada. As the captain of the lead ship, you set the destination and the paceContinue Reading »

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