A BoldIdea: Saying Goodbye to Something You Still Love

When Armin and I recorded episode 103 of the BoldIdea podcast, we chatted about how to know when you needed to say goodbye to a bold idea. And then we realized: it was time to say goodbye to our own. 

In this last episode (for now) of the BoldIdea podcast, we discuss why we’ve had to make the tough call to shift our focus to other projects and what it’s meant for both of us to pursue this bold idea for as long as we have and in its different iterations. 

Hear us chat about saying goodbye to our own bold idea, the BoldIdea podcast, in episode 105 Goodbye (for now).

Comment below: When have you had to walk away from a passion project that you loved but knew had run its course? How did you handle it?

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One thought on “A BoldIdea: Saying Goodbye to Something You Still Love

  1. I recently abruptly left a passion project in which I had seven years invested. I left because of a family crisis, not knowing what would be the outcome of the crisis. I didn’t know if I was stepping away permanently or pausing. As the situation unfolded, I still don’t know yet whether God is calling me back to my passion or not because, at least for now, my passion for the project has dissipated. I don’t have the energy for it that I once had. I don’t want the project to die, but God has not yet revealed to me whether I am the one to keep it going, whether is for someone else, or whether I should come back in a lesser role.

    Sometimes God is subtle and sometimes he figuratively hits us over the head and tells us “STOP NOW.” In my case for leaving, it was the latter. In terms of the future of the project, I suspect it will take some searching to find the more subtle voice to determine my role. In my case, the project has not run its course, but possibly my role has run its course. I know without a doubt that I am still at least on pause; only God knows whether he will give a green light down the road.

    And a shoutout to Armin, I think I’ve only met you once, but after all these podcasts, I feel like I know you as a friend. I am continually impressed not just by your gangster start, but more so by the life that you continue to live.

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