Coaching for your bold venture.

What’s possible? You’re likely reading this website because you’ve got an idea—one that’s tugging on you; that you can’t ignore. Coaching can help you bring that idea to life.

Whether you’re looking for a seasoned guide who can walk with you through the ins and outs of starting a business or non-profit, or someone who can help you take your present venture to a new level, I may be able to help. I say may be able because effective coaching is a bilateral undertaking. It’s more chemistry than calculation.


The most effective coaching engagements are with those who have a sense of urgency about their mission. They may not yet possess the clarity about their mission—either in their business or personal life. But they are not content to not move forward because of it.

I coach leaders. Whether you call yourself a leader or not, if you want to bring out your best—and fulfill your mission—you’ll need to increase your influence with others. That’s because no worthwhile venture is accomplished in a vacuum. Truly effective leaders intentionally develop their abilities to craft visions, communicate clearly, and motivate others to join them in their quest.

Coaching of any kind works best when you are motivated to invest the time and energy to achieve a specific goal. This can arise from internal desires such as growing your business, advancing your career, or making a vocational change. Or, you may be motivated by external factors such as a job loss, job transition, or poor performance review.

Are you ready to be coached?

If you’d like to explore how we might work together, I invite you to contact me to discuss it. I provide limited executive coaching through my venture management company, Lumina Consulting Group, and faith-based life coaching through the non-profit, BoldPath Life Strategies, that I founded.