How will you spend your one-hour refund?


Tomorrow, November 1, the government gives us a refund. We get an hour back. Thanks to the expiration of Daylight Saving Time, we’ll add another hour to our day. It’s elusive, of course, because it gets taken away again next March.

Notable of government initiatives, the refund comes at the most convenient of times—2:00 a.m., during snorefest. I sure could have used that extra hour on Wednesday when I was pressing to get a presentation done before a meeting. Or Thursday evening when I was out enjoying an evening with Anna. And how many students, cramming for an exam, have ever prayed as Joshua did, “O sun, stand still.” (Joshua 10:12)? Wouldn’t it great to pull that spare hour out of your pocket when you needed it most?

No, instead, it comes when you’re least likely to think about it. As deftly silent as the deduction from a payroll check, you’ll get your refund of an hour. The question is, how will you spend it? How about investing it in something you wouldn’t ordinarily do? Whatever it is. Is there someone you need to catch up with? A book you’ve longed to read? A place you enjoy visiting? Or, if you’re rarely frivolous and want to learn all about Daylight Saving Time, here’s a fun website to explore.

That refund is yours, though. Don’t let it get away from you.

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