Thought for the Day – Unknown on the Impossible

When somebody tells you nothing is impossible, ask him to dribble a football.” – Unknown

That would do it for me. I’ve never been good at dribbling a spherical basketball, much less a prolated spherical football. Ok, there are some who can (see one on YouTube), but the very nature of a football puts significant limits on dribbling prowess. Externally imposed limitations are important to recognize. While we should never shy away from feats that merely seem impossible, some things are truly beyond our grasp and in the dominion of the Divine (Luke 18:27). One of the great thrills of heaven, I imagine, will be seeing the Master Himself demonstrating all the impossible feats He can do. And replaying on DiVo those that I missed along the way.

Your thoughts? What externally imposed limitations have you had to accept?

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