Thought for the Day – J.B. Philips on Vision

The real danger for professing Christians lies not in the more glaring and grosser temptations and sins, but in a slow deterioration of vision, a slow death to daring, courage, and a willingness to adventure.”– J.B. Phillips

You’ve heard the saying, “The best Defense is a good Offense.” Yet often, as professing Christians, our focus is more on sin management—not dropping the ball—than building a thirst for the end-zone. It’s as if we only possess a Defensive Playbook—worrying more about being scored against, than scoring. But vision, daring, courage and adventure are in the Offensive Playbook. And the more we practice plays from that book the less our Defense needs to be on the field.

Your thoughts? What Offensive play could you call on to execute today?

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One thought on “Thought for the Day – J.B. Philips on Vision

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