Thought for the Day – G. Washington on Commitment

Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”– George Washington

On this Presidents Day, it’s easy for many of us to look at Washington’s words and feel virtuous. We’re convinced that our integrity can’t be sold; a state we may have arrived at from sheer lack of practice. Few tempting offers may have ever been presented! Yet, what if the bid was not monetary but temporal and it was our goals, rather than our virtues that were at stake? Someone once observed that the size of your commitment is whatever it takes to stop you. Seen in this way, we all have bidders vying for our time—seeking to rob us of our greater mission. These distractions are the “lesser yeses” in our lives and we gain virtue by withstanding them. Over time, as their bid rises, and with it our resolve, we will indeed possess the virtue that Washington describes.

Your thoughts? What are some of the bidders that you’ve yielded to lately?

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