Thought for the Day – T. Aquinas on Wonder

Wonder is the desire for knowledge.”– Saint Thomas Aquinas

If you’ve had young children you’ve probably experienced the inquisition: “Why does a cow moo?” “Why is the sky blue?” “Why are girls different from boys?” On some days, satisfying these incessant little thirsts for knowledge can be exhausting. Kids seem to be naturally inquisitive. Somewhere along the way, the “whying,” however, turns to whining. “Why can’t I have the car?” “Why do I have to do chores?” “Why can’t I stay up later?” There’s probably a lot of reasons for this transformation. I ‘wonder’, though, how much this erosion of wonder may come from not fully appreciating and cultivating a spirit of discovery in our children—and, equally, in ourselves.

Your thoughts? Is there some area of interest that you’ve not taken enough time to wonder about?

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