Thought for the Day – Benjamin Franklin on Rest

He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.”– Benjamin Franklin

As a Type-A, driven personality, I often have to work at resting. My mind is constantly occupied with things that I either have to do or want to. I even have a water-proof writing slab to capture ideas or to-dos while I shower. Taking a timeout can feel like frivolous activity. But even in games of sport, effective use of timeouts is a strategic weapon. They are, by design, an integral part of the game. And in the game of life, they are just as integral. At the height of His popularity, our perfect Role Model took His getaways. “Jesus left and hid himself from them,” the Apostle John observed (John 12:36). When it comes to the demands of our day, we may do well to occasionally hide from them as well.

Your thoughts? When was the last time you’ve given yourself permission to take meaningful rest?

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