The Intentional Man Workshop: September 17-18, 2010

Over the course of my life, I’ve discovered a consistent truth about me. I’m strong on desire and often weak on execution. Perhaps that’s what Jesus meant when He said the ‘spirit is willing, but the body is weak’ (Matthew 26:41). When it comes to embracing the truth that God has a great adventure in store for me, I’m all over it. But when I realize, just like the servants who were given minas to invest (Luke 19:11-17), that I must take action to invest what I’ve been given, I hesitate. Not from lack of desire, but from lack of a game-plan. Deep down, I know it takes more than desire to unleash God’s call in my life, but how do begin?

A couple of years ago, I launched The Year of Living Courageously workshop, after discovering and applying some biblical principles that rocked my approach to personal goal setting. (You can read about that journey here.) Having a YLC plan and two other guys to meet with regularly about it has helped me keep my focus and energy on some pretty courageous goals. But it also takes more than a plan to live intentionally, so I’ve also added four habits of thought to my daily routine. These habits — choices really — form what I call the Four Pillars of Intentional Living, and I’m eager to share them with you.

On September 17-18th, I’ll be presenting a new workshop, the Intentional Man Workshop, that combines the Four Pillars with an extended, more hands-on, edition of the Year of Living Courageously workshop. It’s an intensely practical application of biblical principles applied to your personal development and goal setting. I invite you to visit the workshop website at and join me and the men of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Virginia, Minnesota for the inaugural offering.

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