Thought for the Day – God Confidence

‘I cannot do it…but God will…'”– Joseph to the Pharaoh of Egypt (Genesis 41:16)

Imagine what might happen with a little more God-confidence in your life .

In one of the most popular stories of the Old Testament, Joseph, highly favored son of the patriarch Jacob, was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. As events would unfold, he’d find himself wrongfully imprisoned in Egypt’s royal prison—the place where the Pharaoh’s fiercest enemies were kept. His one opportunity for freedom relied on his ability to interpret a troubling dream the Pharaoh had dreamt the night before. Rushed to the throne, the Pharaoh presented the challenge, “I had a dream, and no one can interpret it. But I have heard is said of you that when you hear a dream you can interpret it” (Gen 41:15).

If there was ever a time to perform, this was it. Joseph’s freedom was on the line. He needed only to impress the king with an interpretation—something no wise man nor magician had been able to do (Gen 41:8). Joseph’s first words must have brought more disappointment to the Pharaoh’s ears, “I cannot do it.” You can imagine the crestfallen face of Pharaoh lighting up again when Joseph continue, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires” (Gen 41:16). In telling Pharaoh the meaning of his dream the king was so impressed he put Joseph in charge of all of Egypt saying, “Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you” (Gen 41:40).

Why would the Pharaoh give such a generous reward by promoting an enemy of the state one day to his most trusted Second the next? Would he have given the same reward had one of others been able to do so? It’s doubtful and here’s why. His motivation for promoting Joseph was clear from a simple question he posed to his advisors, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” (Gen 41:37).

What set Joseph apart from all who went before him was not his ability, but his dependence on and confidence in God. He had the spirit of God. Imagine what might happen in your life with a little more God-confidence too.

Your thoughts? In what areas could you use a little more God-confidence?

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