Man Alive: Wake up your longing for a bigger purpose

Here’s a book you’ll want to get and read. Trust me. It’s a fast and easy read, but it packs an important message. The book is Man Alive and it’s written by my friend and mentor Patrick Morley.

I first “met” Pat reading his groundbreaking book, Man in the Mirror, when it came out in 1989. It explored the 24 challenges men face in a fresh and authentic way. Quickly, it became a best-seller and I circulated my copy to many of the guys I hung out with at the time. Since that time, I’ve read every one of Pat’s books and I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work alongside him as part of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men, an organization that he co-founded and led for over a decade. In fact, you might say I’m weakly following in his footsteps having recently assumed the role of President of that organization.

So naturally, when he asked me to preview his latest book, I was more than delighted to do so and also to write an endorsement appearing in its pages. In my opinion, Man Alive is just the kind of book, like his first, that you’ll want to read and pass along to others that you know.

In it, Pat rightly observes that “most men know only enough about God to be disappointed with Him.” And so, it’s an invitation to rediscover a God who wants to satisfy their “seven primal needs,” as Pat puts it. These are: to know we are not alone; to know that God cares for us personally; to believe there’s a purpose for our lives; to break free from destructive behavior; to satisfy our thirst for awe; to love without reservation; and, to make a the world a better place. As his is style, Pat explores each need in compelling and practical ways, combining story with biblical truth that makes it easy for us guys to take in.

If you’re looking for something to revive your spirit and to share with other guys you care about, pick it up and take in for yourself. It goes on sale today at your favorite bookseller. Check out the book website for more info and for fun, watch a trailer of Pat navigating his Porsche at high speed.

What books have you found yourself sharing most often with others?

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