Is there a murderer in the house?

The sixth commandment is one that we often don’t pay much attention to: “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). Yet, there’s more to this commandment than meets the eye. In this 30 minute presentation, I explore the deeper meaning of this Old Testament commandment as Jesus defined it. Anger is the check engine light for murder in our heart and I describe the following three attributes of anger:

  1. Anger arises from blocked goals. When we set an inappropriate goal, one we can’t control, we get angry. It’s what “causes fights and quarrels.” Read James 4:1-2.
  2. Anger steels life and possessions. When we lash out as someone in anger, we take something from them. Words wound because of what it rips out of another.
  3. Anger seeks personal pleasure. We get angry because we want our way. Something or someone inconveniences our plan. But anger, left unchecked, leads to bitterness and isolation, the very thing that robs us of life and possessions too.

So I ask you, is there a murderer in the house? Fittingly, my presentation to the men of IronWorks was on a Friday the 13th. Scary, huh?

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