A conviction to keep you going

What convictions keep you going?

It’s not a question that you may often think about, but a critical one to be aware of, particularly in times of trouble.

A conviction to keep you going 

Four years ago, when our friend Beth sent her husband, Tim, off to work with a kiss, she didn’t expect it would be for the last time. Never could she imagine that he and their nine-year old daughter, Sarah, would be broadsided by a delivery truck, killing him instantly and leaving their daughter fighting for her life in intensive care.

Rushing to the hospital she didn’t know what to expect. What was Sarah’s condition? Was she even still alive? Later she would tell her friends that with each step she took down the hospital corridor toward Sarah’s room she recited a truth she and Tim believed: “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Corinthians 12:9). It was a miracle that Sarah survived an internal decapitation, her skull jarred loose from her spine. Through the surgery to reattach her skull to her spine and the painful rehabilitation that followed, Beth steered clear of despair with the help of the convictions she and Tim faithfully cultivated.

My wife, Anna, and I recently visited with Beth and she will tell you it was a hard journey and still is. But it would have been an impossible one without the solid conviction that God is present every day for her.

And He’s present every day for you as well. No matter what you may be going through in your own journey, His grace is sufficient for you.

That’s a conviction that can keep us all going.

What convictions keep you going?

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6 thoughts on “A conviction to keep you going

  1. Leary, thank you for providing real life stories of authentic Christian living as I find them very inspirational and helpful in my walk. Keep on keeping on …

  2. Leary – thanks for sharing this story. I remember hearing some of it (seems like it was much more than 4 years ago). I remember thinking how tragic this situation was/is and how God grieves with us when things like this happen.

    Our convictions make us who we are and speak loudly of the people we desire to be.

    Blessings to Beth and her family!

  3. Leary – Wow! That’s a touching story. To answer your question, What convictions keep me going?”, I would have to say it’s my inner conviction to be the husband and father my family deserves, while living my life everyday in a way that is pleasing to God. Sometimes it’s a tough road and I feel like I’m bing tugged in a million directions all at once. However, even though it’s challenging at times, I’m up for the fight.

    I pray much strength for Beth and her family!

    • That’s great Dwayne. Your conviction reminds me of a card a friend of mine carries in his wallet that says, “Is what I’m doing or thinking making me more like the man I want to become?” What a great reminder, right? Keep up the good fight!

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