Would you take 2 minutes to influence me?

Today, I’m climbing out on a limb.

I’m going to ask you to do something that I don’t like doing—and, I’m guessing you don’t particularly like much either.

Take two minutes to influence me


I’m asking for two minutes of your time to take a survey about my blog and the plans I have for 2014.

Following the example of Tom Sawyer who convinced Huck Finn to paint his fence, I could tell you how great taking surveys are; how much fun you’ll have when you do, but you already know better than that. You already read that book.

So instead, I’m going to appeal to the greater good and, hopefully if you’ve found something of value here, your sense of solidarity with me to help improve what I bring to you and others through my website.

In 2013, I invested a greater amount of time on the website than previous years, writing more frequently, creating a favorites page,  launching an ebook on productivity and creating a YouTube channel. I hope you found that investment worthwhile.

In 2014, I plan to make additional improvements with two new ebooks, a new podcast I’ll be launching in January and guest posts from other writers. Your two minutes will influence the direction I take. Just click the button below and thank you for doing so. I designed the survey to be as painless as possible and still accomplish my objectives in asking. I hope I succeeded.

Influence Leary survey button

If you’ve taken the survey, was it as painless as I promised?

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2 thoughts on “Would you take 2 minutes to influence me?

  1. Try this question to add to your top five.
    1. What is best thing that has happened to you since we connected?
    2. This can be followed by, the best thing I really like about you is ______, because it gives me such encouragement.

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