Three reasons why you should get your dream on in 2014

I had an old college professor that postulated that most of us don’t know what we think about something until we start talking about it. I’ve found that to be true for me. Having one or two people that help me get my stuff out on the table in a safe way helps me process my thinking and formulate ideas more clearly.



Three years ago I began to wonder if that approach might work in thinking about our dreams, and especially if they feel muddled or altogether absent. So I began an experiment. I gathered 20 or so people together for a guided dream discovery workshop. Participants reflected on some questions I posed to them and discussed amongst themselves the things that were on their hearts. As they spoke, clarity about their dreams emerged. Some experienced renewed enthusiasm and commitment to an idea that had been shelved for a long time. Others, uncertain of their dream, found encouragement and ways to discover unlock their own. There were stories—lots of stories—laughter and tears. One of the participants emailed me later to say that after years of anger at God, he felt hopeful again. The workshop had freed him to sing again during Sunday worship services.

That first Dream Intensive workshop launched a number of new ventures and initiatives among the participants, as has every one that I’ve done since then. That’s why I can’t wait for the next Dream Intensive workshops coming up in February and March in Minneapolis and Denver.

If you’re wondering if Dream Intensive might be a good next step for you in your dream, here are three reasons you should attend:

  1. Own your dream. Something powerful happens when we write down a dream and especially when we share it—even feebly—with others. Think of Dream Intensive as a sand box to try on new ideas or breathe life into old ones.
  2. Encouragement. Websters defines encouragement as the act of making something more appealing or more likely to happen. When you come to Dream Intensive, you’ll be surrounded by others, like you, who want to discover God’s very best for them. The interaction and friendships you’ll form by itself is worth the price of admission.
  3. Move forward. No matter how well formed your dream is now, you’ll leave the Dream Intensive workshop with some practical steps you can do for the next 90 days to advance your dream. And Dream Intensive doesn’t end at the workshop. You’ll be automatically enrolled in Dream Intensive University, our online portal of live and archived webinars to help you keep going on your dream—at no extra charge.

The next Dream Intensive workshops will be held in Minneapolis on February 21-22 at the Legends Golf Club (Prior Lake) and in Denver on March 14-15 at Foothills Community Church (Arvada).

Check out the Dream Intensive website, watch the videos and register today. But don’t wait too long to register. Because the Dream Intensive is highly participative, enrollment is limited.

Don’t let your good intentions for change in 2014 fade. It’s time to get your dream on.

What’s your dream for 2014?


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