A simple gift for the moms in your life

Today is Mother’s Day, in case somehow that message hasn’t yet reached you.

The National Restaurant Association reports that more than 80 million of us will eat out today, more than any other day of the year. And more than $5B more will be spent in the U.S. alone on cards, flowers, spa treatments and other pampering gifts. If that level of spending is any indication, we love our moms—and the restaurant industry and Hallmark loves us.

A simple gift for the moms in your life
It’s truly a good day to remember mom. Yet, so is tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

The final words of the Book of Proverbs conclude with the admonition to reward the noble women in your life. If my wife (my own mother is no longer living), is any indication, she simply enjoys what the proverb suggests—praise.

Fortunately, something she considers priceless, cost me and our children little more than intention. This is a good thing, since Proverbs suggests it’s something to be continually practiced. And who can afford to eat out that often?

What word of praise do you have for your mom, grandmother or mother to your children?

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