Why I’m launching the BoldIdea podcast

I’m super excited about a new podcast that I’m launching on January 16th. I hope you take a moment to be a part of the community we are forming with by joining us for our launch party.

BoldIdea Launch Party Invite

Last September, when Armin Assadi and I wrapped up the Reinventure Me podcast after 132 episodes, we decided to turn our attention from personal reinvention to a new direction—idea creation and execution. Our new podcast, the BoldIdea® podcast, will feature interviews, ideas, and inspiration to help you take bold steps to bring your ideas to life. We’ve got some great guests lined up from all spheres of industry to share, in very practical ways, how they trusted God with an idea. In just the first few episodes, you’ll hear from a movie producer, sales guru, publishing master, a CEO with a seemingly impossible mission, and others.

But why am I taking on another podcast with all the things I have going on?

Over the course of my life, I’ve realized how important it is to have a mentor. I grew up pretty much without one. Though my dad was around, he was largely uninvolved in my life. For most of my early adult life, I’ve felt like I was pretty much on my own to make decisions. It took many years for me to discover the layers of shame I had accumulated, thinking that I had to go it alone because I wasn’t good enough to have a mentor.

I spent too many years with that mindset and I’ve met too many others who can relate to my experience. Perhaps you can relate too, or you know others that have a similar experience.

If so, I’d like you to join me in creating a place where great mentors can make a difference by sharing how they trusted God to unleash a bold idea inside of them—even if they weren’t sure a bold idea was there.

Obviously, we’d like to get our new podcast in front of as many people as possible. We believe God puts a bold idea inside of each of us that might just need a little encouragement to develop. So, we teamed up with BroadStreet Publishing and other sponsors to help us launch our podcast. Right now (this week only), we’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to someone, chosen by random, that has “joined the party” (meaning they subscribed to our mailing list) and has shared our party invite on their social network with the hashtag #boldideaparty.

We’ve made it super simple to do both on our website at boldideapodcast.com. When you subscribe (in addition to qualifying for the $100 Amazon giveaway when you share our invite) you’ll automatically be entered into our 12 Days of Giveaways kicking off January 2nd. Every day, for twelve days, someone from our list of subscribers will receive a prize, including Amazon gift cards, Bluetooth speakers, and other giveaways. Think of them as party favors to celebrate the launch of our new podcast.

So, check out our #boldideaparty and join the fun.

See you on the podcast. Happy New Year!

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