A BoldIdea: A female-voiced Bible gives courage to women

Did you know that many women who have suffered abuse at the hands of a violent man experience fear when they hear a male narrator reading the Bible? Did you also know that it’s impossible to find an audio Bible recorded with a female voice? That is, until now.

Ann White on the BoldIdea podcast

Ann White and her team at Courage for Life have released the first-ever female-voiced Bible to bring the Word of God to at-risk women in a voice that doesn’t cause fear.  

Recently, Armin and I invited Ann on our BoldIdea podcast to chat about how she came to know the Lord, when her walk with Him became real, and how becoming vulnerable in a tough situation saved her marriage from divorce. As she moved further into faith, God opened up doors for her to start serving women in at-risk situations like prisons and crisis pregnancy centers, helping to bring healing and wholeness when once there was only shame.

Hear how Ann moved from fear-based decision-making to faith-based decision-making in our latest episode 096 Ann White on gaining courage for you life.

Comment below: What part of Ann’s story can you identify with?

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