A BoldIdea: Music that can heal the soul 

Did you know that songs are the only communication form that reaches the left and right hemispheres of the brain at the same time? The left hemisphere is where we process language, and the right is where we process melody–and trauma, too. Through music, people struggling through truly hard circumstances can find hope and healing. 

That’s exactly what Steve Siler and his team at Music for the Soul do: create songs around specific topics–abuse, pornography, shame, adultery–and send them out into the world to help people heal. 

Recently, Armin and I invited Steve on our BoldIdea podcast to chat about how he came to be a songwriter for a living (it involves a story about Chippendales… yep, that Chippendales), how he kept going even when it was hard, and how he started this ministry walking people through tragedy in a song. 

Hear how Steve and his fellow songwriters are helping people cast off shame and step into Christ’s love in our latest episode 097 Steve Siler on writing music for the soul

Comment below: What’s one song that has been an instrument of healing in your own life? 

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