A BoldIdea: Nothing is wasted in life

Why are you on this earth? Does your life have any meaning? These are the two questions people seem to ask no matter what culture is their origin. 

Matthew Thomas has traveled the world, taught across cultures, and planted churches in them, and these are the questions his new book, Completing Project Me: How Understanding God’s Perspective Changes Yours, is hoping to share the answer to: that nothing is wasted with God. 

In our latest BoldIdea Podcast interview with Matthew, Armin and I chat with Matthew about recognizing how what we thought was wasted was actually God at work, He also shares how walking in the light instead of chasing it helps us remain close to God’s vision for our lives, and how if we are walking with Jesus we will have no regrets. 

Hear how Matthew is encouraging people that nothing is life is wasted in our latest episode 102 Matthew Thomas on the wasted stuff in life.

Comment below: What’s something you once thought was wasted but now see was used for God’s ultimate glory? 

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