Ambassadors in Business Resources

Thank you for attending our workshop on Becoming Mission Ready. Here’s a collection of resources that might be helpful to you.

If you’re in executive leadership in a business, Leary’s weekly Substack blog is for you. Each week he provides a strategic question for you to ponder about your business with actionable tools to dive deeper. Subscribe for free. If you lead a business and want to be a part of a strategic cohort of leaders going deep on a business strategy, email Leary to learn more about the Strategic Masters Club.

In this podcast series Leary and Armin interview a wide range of believers in business, putting their faith to work. While they are no longer producing episodes, there have been some pretty amazing discussions. Check it out on the BoldIdea podcast page.
This archived podcast series, hosted by Leary and Armin, is for what’s next in life. They discuss a wide variety of topics around personal reinvention. If you’re exploring a change or want to tap into your purpose, there are some great resources here. Check it out on the Reinventure.Me page.

In addition to searching for a topic of interest, the following blog posts on this website may be helpful:

About purpose:

  • Is your mastery a mystery? (link)
  • If money were no object (link)
  • Your venture mid-flight checklist (link)

About change:

  • 5 questions to ask before you jump into that new venture (link)
  • This Unsettler’s Personal Manifesto (link)
  • My journaling FAQ (link)

About connection:

  • Two questions to inspire others (the Thomas Merten questions) (link)
  • Your networking pre-flight checklist (link)
  • Three of the hardest networking habits you’ll ever love (link)