Your Venture Mid-Flight Checklist

You’re pursuing a venture–maybe a new business idea or a special project. Good for you! That’s what it’s all about–and it’s exciting.

I love new ventures. I’ve started and/or led about a half-dozen businesses and ministries, created two podcasts (with over 100 episodes each), pursued several writing projects, deployed several coaching programs, and, just for the fun of it, I’ve occasionally taken on a church turnaround or two (or three). 

And I’ve always got more ideas in mind. (It’s okay: I know it’s a borderline addiction for me and I’ve learned how to manage it.) 

One thing I’ve found to be helpful in pursuing a venture–no matter its form–is to occasionally take a mid-flight assessment. The key question to ask is this: Is pursuing this venture the best way to steward my talents right now? 

How you answer that question can reveal any mid-course corrections you need to make.

To get you started, here’s my mid-flight checklist:

  1. The energy test. When I step back and look at what I’m doing, notwithstanding times of fatigue, am I energized by this venture? Do I genuinely enjoy it and find myself thinking about it often?
  2. The growth test. Am I a better version of myself because of it? Would those who know me best agree with my assessment?
  3. The choice test. If I were not doing this thing today, knowing all that I do about it, would I choose again to do it?
  4. The value test. Does it serve a need that is valued by others beyond myself?
  5. The purpose test. Does it serve a purpose that is personally meaningful to me?
  6. The skill test. Is this venture growing my capabilities in ways that are important to me?
  7. The freedom test. Do I have the freedom to walk away or do I feel trapped and obligated to continue?
  8. The vision test. Do I have an inspiring vision for what it can yet become?
  9. The economic test. Does it produce the income that I need from it, if any?
  10. The relationship test. Am I able to cultivate and keep my commitments to my most important relationships while pursuing this?

Remember, you’re not indentured to your venture; your venture serves you. Regular, mid-flight reviews like this can keep you from flying the entire journey on autopilot only to find out you ended up somewhere you actually didn’t want to go.

Comment below: Which test stood out to you most about your present venture? Are there any other tests you ask yourself that I missed?


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