Ten Truths for Times of Transition

Times of transition can be unusually unsettling. Whether it’s an unexpected job loss or an exciting new start, the one thing that’s certain is that things will not be what they’ve been.

Ten truths for times of transition

When your routine is stripped away and you enter a new chapter in life, you are most vulnerable to becoming mired in the past; replaying what could have–or should have–happened. That’s when it’s helpful to remind yourself of what’s true.

Here are ten truths I’ve found to be helpful in my own times of transition: 

  1. You can’t undo yesterday or any day that preceded it, so make today great.
  2. Your challenges are not as big as they appear. The world is not coming to an end. Yet.
  3. You have everything you need to make your present situation more positive. Redeem this day with all the talent you possess.
  4. Big wins don’t come in an instant. Any weariness you have is the price of doing something important.
  5. You have limitations. God does not. Discuss it with Him.
  6. Stress is what you perceive it to be. You can manage it and not let it get the better of you. 
  7. When evening comes and you’ve done what you can, you can rest—free of guilt or anxiety.  
  8. Not every day will be good. And that’s okay. (And it’s still okay to rest on those days, too.) 
  9. You are loved and respected. 
  10. Your longings and successes do not define who you are. Neither do your shortcomings and failures. 

Transition can be such a vulnerable time because so much about transition has to do with our identity. These truths can help you keep in mind that you are not what you do. And that’s a truth worth remembering. 

Comment below: What truth would you add to this list?


One thought on “Ten Truths for Times of Transition

  1. Trying to work through the transition by yourself is a lost opportunity. Seek the support of others. Offer your support to those in need.

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