Thought for the Day – B. Dylan on Authenticity

All I can be is me—whoever that is.”– Bob Dylan

One of the most perplexing adventures we can undertake is self-discovery. It can take an entire lifetime to discover the unique way God wired us—our gifts, personality, and interests. This kind of discovery usually occurs in the context of community as we interact with another’s peculiar wiring. Ironically, as we engage with others we are also prone to compare ourselves to them, and often come up short. When we remember, however, that we are a product of God’s workmanship (Eph 2:10), our gaze can turn away from the creation toward the Creator who’s crafting something special in us. Accepting His grace working in us (1 Cor 15:10) without adding to it through pretense or envy, is an uncommon authenticity. One that pursues being the very best me—whoever that is.

Your thoughts? In what ways might pretense or envy of others be affecting you today?

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