Thought for the Day – A. Einstein on Dancers

Dancers are the athletes of God.”– Albert Einstein

Several years ago I did the impossible—or at least the improbable. I purchased a package of ballroom dancing lessons for my wife’s birthday. It was not a planned purchase. Days before her birthday, I had inadvertently backed myself into a corner by asking what she wanted. Sensing my desperation, she suggested the very thing I had been avoiding for most of our married life. “Ballroom dancing lessons,” she replied. “Is there anything else?,” I asked hopefully. “Nope,” came her abrupt reply. I was doomed.

After suffering inexorably through the first several months of kinetic incompetence, however, I gained a new appreciation for dancing and dancers. These “athletes of God” make it a beautiful art form by maintaining a powerful connection between the leader and his partner. The follower, sensing the slightest change of rhythm and energy from the leader, adjusts accordingly. And so it is with God as our Lead. The Bible reminds us we are never to run ahead of Him. “Keep in step with the Spirit,” the apostle Paul wrote (Gal 5:25). Our role in this divine dance is to maintain connection with the Lead, yield to His steering us across the dance floor, and to learn the steps He’s teaching us along the way.

Your thoughts? What are some of the new steps that God has been teaching you?

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