Thought for the Day – Unknown on Success

You are a success, if, at the end of your life, the people who know you the best, respect you the most.”– Unknown

A young professional I met recently asked to spend some time together over lunch. As he put it, he wanted to understand what makes a successful Christian businessman, and he thought I might know. His question brought the aforementioned quote immediately to mind. It’s one of my favorite definitions of success because its measure is determined by those who see the good, the bad and the ugly. For most of us, it’s our immediate family. They are witnesseses to our character and integrity—how well we consistently live what we profess under the most extreme of conditions. It’s also a favorite because its measure is not the accumulation of titles, power, or wealth, but rather the currency which is most honored among men because it is so judiciously bestowed—respect.

Your thoughts? What are some of your favorite definitions of success?

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