Thought for the Day – Lewis Smedes on Faith

Faith is simply a readiness for God.”– Lewis Smedes

Imagine the thing you’ve committed yourself to for years suddenly gone—overnight. Perhaps, for you, it’s more reality than imagination. You may have lost your job… or your nest egg… or your marriage. Sorrow may have robbed your vitality, leaving you fatigued and in despair. You’re desperately ready for some good news.

The men who most closely followed Jesus felt the same way. The writer of the third gospel, Luke, describes their frame of mind as they accompanied Him on the Mount of Olives for His final prayer on the eve of His crucifixion. “When he [Jesus] rose from prayer and went back to the disciples, he found them asleep, exhausted from sorrow.” (Luke 22:45) It wasn’t the lateness of the hour, but sorrow that fatigued the disciples. The Man they had given up everything to follow (Mark 10:28) was going to die. He made no secret about His purpose. And so, they grieved. That was Friday, but Sunday was coming. “Now is your time of grief,” Jesus told them, “but I will see you again and you will rejoice and no one will take away your joy.” (John 16:22) The hardest journey of faith lies between these two days—living in between Friday’s sorrow and Sunday’s promise.

Your thoughts? Have you let your Friday’s sorrow overshadow His Sunday promises for you?

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