Helping a Friend in Despair

We all hit potholes in the road of life; those times when, in our exasperation, we cry out to God, “Why?” Why are you doing this to me? At its core lies a question of faith—is God for us or against us? Harboring hurt and disappointment lands one in the sinkhole of despair. It’s a dark and lonely place. Those that find themselves there desperately need a friend. Or better—a brother or sister—to walk beside them. But how can we help a friend who’s landed in the sinkhole of despair?

This 40-minute presentation suggests some practical ways we can help those who are in despair. Even as importantly, it examines three temptations we need to avoid when we set out help others, lest we add even more discouragement to their sinkhole. This presentation was originally part of the “Steering Through the Potholes” series at IronWorks.

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