Have you surrendered your unique advantage?

You are a one-off—a one-of-a-kind blend of skill, personality, drive and passion. There’s nothing new to the idea that each of us is a unique creation. In fact, the folks at despair.com made fun of it in their “demotivational” poster: “Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else.”

How easy it is, though, to surrender the advantage of our uniqueness by doubting it.

We surrender every time we look at another’s accomplishments with envy. A musician or singer performs masterfully and we fume that we can’t do what they do. It’s unfair, and we hate them for their excellence.

We surrender when we criticize another’s effort or get defensive about our own. We would have done it differently—better, of course. And the world would have taken notice of our improvement on their work. Never mind that it’s their work on display, not our own. Conversely, when ours is on display, we shun suggestions from others. “They just don’t get it,” we may say. Or worse…

We surrender when we get discouraged and want to quit. It takes tenacity to live out of our purpose. We must believe, truly believe, that our calling is unique. No one else has it and we are uniquely equipped to pursue it—if only we believe.

Instead of surrendering in the face of other’s excellence, their critique of our own, or our own fatigue in pursuing it, what if we celebrate it instead? Celebration is the fruit of confidence in our unique design by God and contribution to the world.

In what ways have you surrendered your unique advantage?

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