Keeping feedback from turning into a frenzy

You’ve got a great idea. At least you think so.

Never before has there been a better time to find out. Google. Facebook. Twitter. Zillions of blogs and discussion groups. Even ol’ conventional email. All of these can give you something that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. Instant feedback.

Keeping feedback from turning into a frenzy


With all that feedback comes either clarity or confusion. The difference is the degree of your own conviction in what you’ve been called to create. If you don’t believe in it and cultivate it, all the other voices will lead you astray and, in time, left discouraged.

This Onion video humorously captures what can go wrong when we lose our conviction merely to seek validation from others:

Instead of casting about to find something they like, invest in the thing that gives you energy. Then you’ll have the grounding to discern amongst the feedback that which will truly make your idea a great one.

What are your most trusted forms of feedback for your ideas? 

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