3 signs of a career change: Winning Careers Talk Show broadcast

Yesterday I had the privilege of being on the Careers with a Purpose Winning Careers Talk Show hosted by Richard Yadon. Careers with a Purpose is a fantastic ministry that coaches men and women across the country to find their very best career fit.

Richard and I covered a variety of topics centered around the theme of how to know if you’re ready for a career change. Below the embedded video you’ll find a quick index to the show highlights.



Show highlights/quick index :

How I learned I chose the wrong degree in college [4:40]

When you wonder if what you’ve been doing is a waste of time [8:18]

How anxiety short circuits our best learning [11:03]

Why you’re the best assessment instrument there is [14:14]

How a sudden call might be a sign of a new chapter [20:19] (Read the post on this topic)

Why you should check your equipment before considering a change [23:01]

The two ways assessment tools are helpful in career transition [27:25]

How healthy discontent may be a sign of a new chapter [34:19] (Read the post on this topic)

How burnout affects decision making [38:02]

How a healthy work identity gets corrupted [40:09]

What to do if you’re experiencing healthy discontent [43:16]

The big advantage of journaling [45:00]

How to know when something is important in your journal [49:09]

How an unquenchable interest may be a sign of a new chapter [51:00] (Read the post on this topic)

An unquenchable interest may not make a good vocation [54:15]

Why doing what you love does not guarantee money will follow [56:06]

What are some of the highlights of the show that you enjoyed most? What would you like to have heard us discuss?

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