How to journal daily

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Do you keep a journal every day? Some of the greatest leaders and thinkers have: da Vinci, Edison, Churchill, Washington, and many others.

You can too. If you have the right objective in mind.

In this video, I share my failed attempts at journaling and what happened when I gave journaling another try. You might have had a similar experience.


My post Is there a right way to journal provides some additional pointers to get started.

What’s been your experience with journaling?

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4 thoughts on “How to journal daily

  1. I have kept a journal off and on, and I use inexpensive loose-leaf paper. I always burn my journals when I’m done because I write them for myself. It’s very freeing to know that I don’t have to write something witty or wise; this is my tool for reflection, not a legacy for my children to read.

    • “This is my tool for reflection, not a legacy for my children to read.” That’s a great comment Tracie. Knowing it won’t be there for another to read is freeing. I’ve decided not to burn mine because I want to go back and mine some earlier insights later, to see how God’s changed my thinking. But there are times when I’m writing that I wonder what my kids might think about what they read in Dad’s journal. I try not to let that affect my writing but I know it’s there.

  2. Leary,
    Thanks for the idea to write 3 pages as I journal of whatever pops into my head. I like the free-flowing approach rather than answering specific questions each day. What I write is more varied when I let go of content restrictions. A few a-ha moments have come to light which were mostly about attitude and what fills me with happiness. Thanks.

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