Meet an annoyance of mine: Resistance

Today on my YouTube channel:

Any worthwhile pursuit is going to face resistance. I’ve been hit so many times by it that I’ve personified mine. I call him Dino. He’s a pretty clever fellow, always nipping at my heals. And he knows how to talk trash—anything he can do to keep me from pursuing my dream.


What form of resistance has kept you from pursuing your dream?

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4 thoughts on “Meet an annoyance of mine: Resistance

  1. My annoyance is the diabolical Accuser who speaks the language of lies and loves to rub my face in yesterday’s losses. I am choosing to no longer be defined by past failure!

    Thanks for your good work Leary!

  2. Dino the Resistance monster is defeated by Desire , the Dragon Slayer in all of us.
    Desire wins every time ! Genuine Desire stomps out resistance, creates energy, sharpens focus and raises the champions hand in success. It all starts with a Dream , Desire clears the path of resistance.

    • Hey Bob. I have lots of desires, but I think you have in mind Desire with the capital D, just as you wrote it. Little “d” desires are like wishes. They’re fun to have but not so strong as to work for them. Capital “D” Desire on the other hand, comes from something deeper, more missional in our lives because God put it there. I like your picture of Desire as the dragon slayer. It is a battle but one worth fighting when we know the origin of Desire. Thanks for pointing the victory out. There’s little hope if we think we’ll always live defeated.

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