Announcing the Reinventure Me podcast

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of a new podcast. The Reinventure Me podcast is all about life’s transitions, whether from one job or career to another or from one season to the next. With each episode, my co-host, Armin Assadi, and I hope to inspire you in some way to find your next great beginning.

The Reinventure Me Podcast

In many ways, this podcast is a new beginning for both of us. We’re newbs to the world of podcasting and, honestly, until this past year, I didn’t even know how to add one to my iPhone. As a technology guy that likes to learn things, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that. In fact, I wouldn’t have even considered listening to podcasts if a friend hadn’t suggested last year that I start one. His suggestion opened a whole new world of learning that I hadn’t even considered. Now I subscribe to more than a dozen podcasts to hear great interviews and to pick up ideas on everything from productivity, public speaking, sales & marketing to just learning about how things work.

For me, the beauty of podcasts is that they require no screen time. I can learn wherever I go: in the car, on a walk, or while exercising. If you’ve never listened to a podcast or subscribed to any, I invite you to give it a try. And why not start with ours? Armin and I are committed to make the Reinventure Me podcast entertaining, inspiring and imminently practical. We hope to be as vulnerable as we can about the fears and opportunities that come with life changes.

In our first episode Armin and I share the vision for the podcast and why we think you should never stop asking the question, What do I want to be when I grow up? Stop by the website where you can listen to the program and subscribe to it in iTunes or have it delivered to you via email. While you’re there, leave us a message with topics, comments, suggestions, or questions you might have for us to consider for future episodes.

We thank you in advance for giving our first episode a listen.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which are your favorite?

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2 thoughts on “Announcing the Reinventure Me podcast

  1. I love the DadPOD podcast myself. Great interviews, funny host, it’s got it all (of course this is all being said in jest). But, in case others want to give it a listen

    And, after one listen I’d say that Reinventure.Me is right at the top :). Others I like are Six Pixels of Separation with Mitch Joel, Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner, Social Pros podcast with Jay Baer and Stand To Reason (my favorite) with Greg Koukl. A lot of great ones out there (and some klunkers too ;).

    • You’re the man Jeff–and my inspiration to dive in. Thanks for the nudge and all the great counsel along the way. And, yes, DadPOD is worth every ounce of blood you pour into it. Keep up the great work. Love drafting behind you, brother.

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