How to start your day with greater focus [podcast]

Get up. Get started. Get distracted.

That describes many of my mornings. I’d start out with energy, enthusiasm and determination; only to get sidelined by email, website rabbit trails, phone calls, you name it. By the afternoon I’m hours behind and feeling on edge. When I do turn to that all-important task, I’m restless and less able to concentrate on it. And less apt to pay attention to those who need me the most today as well.

How to start your day with greater focus


Last year, I began asking three questions to start my day and I’ve found it makes a world of difference. This week, my co-host, Armin Assadi and I discuss these simple questions on the Reinventure Me podcast:

  1. What’s the most important challenge or problem I need to lean into today? This is thepriority task that I’m inclined to avoid when distractions are sure to come.
  2. Who needs my attention most today? This is the priority relationship that may go missed if I get overly consumed by my pursuits.
  3. What would invigorate me? This is the priority refreshment that I will do to renew my energy during the day.

We also catch up with each other on some assignments we’ve taken to work more strategically on our dream. I invite you to listen to our podcast and leave a comment on this post or the show notes and let us know your thoughts. Or, for fun, call our show line (612.314.5447) and leave us a message.

What  questions do you ask to start your day with greater focus?

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