The genesis of a productive day

Did you have a productive day? I ask myself that at the end of the day, and I ask my friends and family too.

The answer I’m looking for is based on how much got done. Productivity means completion.

'Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant' - Robert Lewis Stevenson


But that’s only one end of the spectrum: the harvest, when “produce” is reaped. Without a time of planting, however, there would be no harvest. So how do I evaluate how well I planted?

  • Did I gave myself space to dream up new ideas?
  • Have I inspired another by listening and helping them give shape to their ideas?
  • Was I eager to spread someone else’s idea?

Fixation on having a productive day leaves me focused only on outcomes. Ironically, it blinds me to the very opportunities to plant the seeds that will, one day, satisfy my longing for an abundant harvest.

How do you evaluate your day?

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