How reading can lead to your next great beginning [podcast]

My wife, Anna, is a voracious reader. She’s also the smartest woman I know.

I don’t think those attributes are unrelated. She’s smart because she reads and she reads because she’s smart.

How reading can lead to your next great beginning

I’ve not always been so smart. Up until about five years ago, reading was a luxury for me. Something I did on vacation…maybe. “I’ll wait for the movie,” was my response to most book recommendations.

But somewhere along the way something changed and so did I. I developed a habit of intentional reading.

In this week’s episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host Armin Assadi and I talk about that most basic of skills that we often neglect: reading.

Our latest episode, How reading can lead to your next great beginning explores the hidden benefits of reading. I hope you’ll find it inspiring to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to get to. Go ahead, give our show a listen on the web or in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio and let me know what you think.

What are some of the benefits you’ve found in reading regularly?

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2 thoughts on “How reading can lead to your next great beginning [podcast]

  1. I can relate to the “reading was a luxury” aspect! Now I’m daily reading intentionally and gathering worthwhile book ideas from smart people–like you! I’m currently halfway through “The Up Side of Down” thanks to your recommendation–at least I think you’re the smart person who recommended it.

    • I appreciate your gratitude for the recommendation, but alas, it wasn’t me who was the smart person that recommended it. It appears, however, that you’re the smart one to let me know about it. Thanks! It’s on the list.

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