Why now is the best time to start journaling [podcast]

Taking up the habit of journaling has been the most productive habit I’ve acquired as an adult. I only wish I had learned the approach I presently use when I first attempted to journal 30 years ago—and many times since.

Why now is the best time to start journaling

In this week’s episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host Armin Assadi and I talk about Why now is the best time to start journaling.

We discuss our experiences with journaling, why people give up the practice, and the technique I use to keep at consistently every day. Whether you journal or not, I hope you find something to inspire you in this latest episode. You can hear it on the web or in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio.

Do you journal? If so, is it a regular habit for you?

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2 thoughts on “Why now is the best time to start journaling [podcast]

  1. Leary,

    I’ve taken your advice and have been journaling for the past several weeks. It has been revealing in several ways. Question: What do I do with all this writing? At what point to I go back over what I have written and analyze the big picture of what it is telling me? Is there a method to this analysis? (And yes my ‘linear thinking’ is showing itself!)


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