Announcing the Strategic Margin Clinic: August 11-13

Someone you know needs more strategic margin. It may be you.

As I’m calling it, strategic margin is that space you make to think strategically about your pursuits. Strategic thinking is not something you do once a year. Rather, it’s a mindset, cultivated intentionally into the way you work, the questions you ponder and the experiments you conduct.

The Strategic Margin Clinic

I often write on this blog about personal venturing—how to embrace your personal mission through action. Helping others achieve their God-given dreams stirs me. But I’m equally stirred when I work directly with CEOs leading teams of people in a corporate venturing. I see my role as a corporate venturing coach to help them reframe their market strategy, challenging them to think differently than the normal dictates of business might evoke.

The challenges of leading a business today are more daunting then ever before. Too many CEOs I know are on the path to personal burnout, precisely because they care so much for the businesses that they are leading. Yet, when asked, few say they have the personal margin to think strategically about their business.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce a new program my colleague, Jack Nicholson and I have developed for CEOs that lack strategic margin. The Strategic Margin Clinic is a one-of-a-kind experience designed expressly to address the challenges these CEOs face to maintain a strategic lens on their business.

We’re hosting our next Clinic on August 11-13 in Osceola, WI and it’s limited to just three CEO participants.

Someone you know needs more strategic margin. If that’s you—and you’re a CEO of a small to midsize business—take a moment now to review this unique opportunity to think strategically about your business. And if you’re not a CEO, but you care about those you know who are, please let them know about our  next Clinic.

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