Start now to do that dream in 2015

I know. It’s seems awfully early to be talking about 2015 already. Snow (ahem) hasn’t even yet begun to fly.

But today, I’m announcing next year’s Dream Intensive workshops. That’s three months earlier than ever before. And there’s a good reason why.

How to do that dream in 2015


Call it preprogrammed intention.

Think about it. Most things we commit to are rather immediate. We’ve become so accustomed to change that we try to keep our options open—our calendars fluid. So fluid, in fact, that the important is often tyrannically sacrificed on the alter of the urgent.

Doing the important in our lives requires an extra special level of diligence. We have to intentionally commit time and block it off to make it happen. That’s true for our relationships, our work projects, and our spiritual vitality.

And it’s especially true for that dream God has put in your heart. You know the one: that thing that comes to mind when you have those few moments of down time to reflect on your life, or when you find yourself feeling stuck and saying, “If only…”

Dream Intensive is the workshop I created a number of years ago to help Christian men and women get in touch with the dream God put in their heart (we all have one there; it may just be buried deep). Over a Friday evening and Saturday, you’ll be guided through a discovery process to find and hone that dream. And you’ll be given some powerful tools to act upon it. In fact, you’ll come away from the workshop with a 90-day plan of next step actions. Whether it’s to launch a new career, or business, or to write a book, or engage in a new ministry—whatever your personal venture—the Dream Intensive workshop can help shape your vision and ignite your venture.

The Dream Intensive workshops will be held in Minneapolis on February 6-7 and in Denver on February 27-28. These are the only dates I plan to conduct these workshops in 2015.

Make plans today to attend. Why today?

Preprogrammed intention. If you’re like me, you already know that if you wait until January or February, lesser things will by vying for your attention.  The dream of God in you is too important to be overrun by lesser things.

I want to inspire the pursuit of the dream God’s put in your heart. The Dream Intensive workshop is the most fun and engaging way I’ve found to do that. As an added bonus to your preprogrammed intention, I’ll reserve one of my So Many Ideas, So Little Time tee-shirts if you’re among the first 15 to register.

So, what are you waiting for. It’s time to do that dream in 2015.

What needs some good preprogrammed intention in your life? Leave a comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Start now to do that dream in 2015

  1. At 58 I’m still trying to figure out that dream God has for me. Is this workshop for me? I suppose it’s never too late until the day God calls me home. Send me more information on the Dream Intensive.

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