For when the next brick that comes your way

Let’s be honest. It’s no fun being hit by a brick. Or criticism.

Especially when it’s about something you’ve pour a lot of energy into; your baby, your dream.

For the next brick that comes your way

But consider this: you’ve aroused a response. Congratulations! That’s more than most who are content to live their lives as risk free as possible.

Things that move attract attention. Some will bring praise. Some critique. You just happened to get the latter this time out. Tomorrow will be different, unless you stop now. Then you get nothing.

The next time a brick of criticism is thrown your way, remember that there’s always something to gain from it. Once the initial pain of the injury subsides, you may discover a perspective you hadn’t considered. Or it might lead you to a new idea. At the very least, you may learn to rely less on the opinion of others to stoke the passion you have for your dream.

And that’s something no one can throw a brick at.

Leave a comment: What did you learn from the last big brick that was thrown your way?

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