Review: The Men’s Bible by ABS and NCMM

For years I’ve made it a daily habit to read the Bible, following a reading plan that gets me through it in a year. It’s the most important reading I do, bar none.

It hasn’t always been that way.

When I was younger and mildly inquisitive about what insights this most precious resource might reveal, I took to reading it like any other book: start at the beginning and work through it, page by page. Somewhere in the book of Leviticus I got lost—and quit. I didn’t understand much of what I was reading and what I could grasp seemed like it was written for a different people in a different time. I saw little connection to my present world.

It wasn’t until I went off to college and met some friends who could guide me through its pages. They showed me not only what it had to say to me, but how they were living out its truths in their own lives. That connection was vital.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new Bible that I’ve had the privilege to take part in creating. The American Bible Society has teamed up with the National Coalition of Ministries to Men, whose board I chair, to create The Men’s Bible. This Bible is packed with over 70 devotions from more than 60 Christian leaders, including yours truly, that can mentor you through its pages. Offering insights on life purpose, priorities and how to live in a fallen world, these devotionals are written by men, for men, including a specific section dedicated to the challenges that men face in the areas of marriage, pornography and friendship.

The Men’s Bible is based on the contemporary language of the Good News translation, making it easier to grasp and the more than 150 quick Bible references will help you find a passage that addresses the challenges you may be facing today.

Watch what my colleagues, at the American Bible Society, and I have to say about the Men’s Bible in the above video and visit to get more information or to order your copy.

Comment below: What about you? If you regularly read the Bible, how did you get started?

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