Ten habits to create a lifestyle of gratitude [podcast]

Like many Americans, I got stuffed on Thanksgiving. And like many of you, for the week leading up to it, I received a ton of emails extolling the virtues of gratitude.

I didn’t read one of them.

You and I both know there are many benefits to being grateful. It’s something we can all get better at showing. The question I have, however, is how do we move beyond expressing gratitude when something’s done for you—as a transactional response—to exhibiting gratitude as a lifestyle? How do we practice it without needing to be prompted by acts of kindness or articles that tell us that we should?

Ten habits to create a lifestyle of gratitude [podcast]

Armin Assadi and I tackle that question in our latest episode of the Reinventure Me podcast. By definition, anything that is to become part of our lifestyle must start with forming habits. So, in this episode we outlined 10 proactive habits you can take to create a lifestyle of gratitude.

Listen in on our list of ten habits and hear about the one that really convicted me. I would love to hear from you about the habits you’ve adopted to become a more grateful person. Check out our latest episode, Ten habits to create a lifestyle of gratitude. You can find this episode on the web or on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Comment below: What habits have you adopted to become more intentionally grateful?

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