Gift a dream in 2015

It’s not even Christmas yet, but you’ve already been given a gift.

It’s that dream God has put within you—waiting to be birthed.  Too often though we never get around to opening it up.

Gift a dream in 2015

There are a lot of reasons we don’t do our dream. Often it’s easier to nurse along the idea of what we’d like to do, rather than to take the steps toward it. Or, maybe you’re like a friend of mine who confessed that her “dreamer was broken.” She grew up in an abusive home, never experiencing the freedom, much less the encouragement, to discover the aspirations God placed within her.

Opening the dream gift within you can be confusing or daunting—or both. Dreams attract resistance and like a thief in the night, they come fast and furious to steal our enthusiasm. Before long, we’ve convinced ourselves that the dream gift was neither dream nor gift. Embarrassed, we return to what we know best–our safe and less exciting routine. We explain away our failed experiment as a pipe-dream, conjured up by a momentary lapse of reason. Yet the gift remains; but only partially opened.

If you can relate then I invite you to become part of the February 2015 Dream Intensive workshops. You’ll be together with other like-minded Christian men and women who are eager to discover and act on the dream God has put within them. Over a Friday evening and Saturday, you’ll be guided through a discovery process to find and hone that dream. And you’ll be given some powerful tools to act upon it. In fact, you’ll come away from the workshop with a 90-day plan of next step actions. Whether it’s to launch a new career, or business, or to write a book, or engage in a new ministry—whatever your personal venture—the Dream Intensive workshop can help shape your vision and ignite your venture in a fun and engaging way.

The Dream Intensive workshops will be held in Minneapolis on February 6-7 and in Denver on February 27-28. (These are the only dates I plan to conduct these workshops in 2015.) And early-bird registration for these workshops closes in one week on December 15th.

Do that dream in 2015. Gift yourself—or gift another—with a Dream Intensive dream discovery experience. Register today at

The dream of God in you is too important to be left unopened because of lesser things.

What dream do you plan to pursue in 2015? Leave a comment below.



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