The one thing guaranteed to hold you back [podcast]

Last month I went on a personal planning retreat. I didn’t ever expect to discover how to unlock the one thing that has held me back. It’s also the one thing that could also hold you back from everything you could be this year.


The one thing guaranteed to hold you back

In our 2015 kick-off episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, my co-host Armin Assadi and I talk about the power of shame to keep us from our very best. In this episode entitled, The one thing guaranteed to hold you back, I share some of the insights I gained from my personal retreat last month about the shame habits I learned from my family of origin.

Shame-based thinking is very difficult to identify, particularly if you’ve grown up with a heavy dose of it. I hadn’t realized the depth of it until I asked to write about it three years ago. That set me the journey that I describe in this episode. You’ll find this episode on the web or on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Comment below: What have you learned about shame from your own life experiences?

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2 thoughts on “The one thing guaranteed to hold you back [podcast]

  1. Listened to the podcast while working out (productive multi-tasking). I had more to do when the podcast was done so I switched to music. First song was Mighty to Save by Laura Story. An awesome reinforcement of your message. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your wisdom.

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