How to ask truly great questions [podcast]

When someone asks you a great question, it sticks with you. It challenges the way you think. But how do you get better in asking others truly great questions?


How to ask truly great questions

This week marks the first anniversary of the Reinventure Me podcast. My co-host Armin Assadi celebrated on this most recent episode and talked about How to ask truly great questions.  We were inspired by a quote from one of the pioneers of of the alternating current that powers our homes, Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He wrote, “No man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.” How true.

Human development researchers have shown that we tend to ask fewer questions as we get older and rely more often on our presuppositions about how the world works. Truly great questions challenge our presuppositions and in this episode we talk about ways to do that. Give it a listen on the web or on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Comment below: What truly great questions have you been asked?

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