Being happy, to-do list death, and work rhythms [Venture Kindling]

This Venture Kindling post feature short bits of information I’ve tripped across or developed that can help you light a fire or revive a fire for your venture.

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Kindling from the web:

How to be happy. Want to be happier? Just do it. Researchers have demonstrated that just trying to be happy increases our perceived happiness. The studies revealed that the best results came when participants tried being happier while also listening to a diet of positively valenced music, something I’ve personally experienced. Wonder if they subjected their study participants to doses of Bob Marley’s catchy ditty, Don’t worry, be happy.

Death by to-do list. Dr. Henry Cloud suggests that Everything you know about getting things done is wrong. Well, not everything it turns out, just what we know about to-do lists. For some people, he’s observed, to-do lists can actually impede their ability to get things done because they overload them. Dr. Cloud advises that “a ‘to do’ list should be exactly that… To ‘DO!’ Not ‘I might if I have time’ list, or ‘I hope I get around to these things’ list.” Ah, the joy of a short to-do list.

Club 90. You got rhythm. You may not be able to dance, but you’ve still got rhythm. Your ultradian rhythm regulates your energy, mood, and cognitive function. This quick read in Fast Company describes Why you need to unplug every 90 minutes. Vital advice for those of us who may not be so attuned to our inner beat.

Latest personal kindling:

Habit forming. One of the apps I rely upon most frequently on my iPhone is the Strides habit tracker. I discuss how I use this app in my 10-minute Reinventure Me Toolbox podcast.

 Good grief. How can you help someone grieving loss? I was honored to interview Dr. H. Norman Wright on our latest Reinventure Me podcast to learn good ways to help others grieve their losses.

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.”

— William Arthur Ward

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